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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Good Vibrations

When the walls of his apartment began to vibrate, Lance put his hand on the wall to feel. He then felt very odd noticed he was no longer in his own apartment -- and, in fact, he was no longer in his own body either. He looked in the mirror and recognized his reflection; it belonged to the woman from 3F. He headed down in the lobby in hopes of getting some answers with his heels clicking clumsily down the steps. Most of the residents were there, apparently in a similar situation to Lance. The eccentric white-haired man who lived int he basement was attempting to calm everyone down, explaining he was responsible but also that he could fix it.

Lance urged everyone to calm down, to give the man the time he needed. He asked how long he needed? A few hours? A day?

Lance’s jaw dropped when the man replied calmly by saying “six months.” He was all for giving this guy the time he needed, but he didn’t want to be stuck in a woman’s body for that long!

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