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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Step Up (Part 1)

Tim stood up and went to look at the mirror in his room and smiled. He didn’t exactly feel like smiling, but he knew he had to practice. After all, the doctors would be sending him home tomorrow, and he needed to learn to keep up appearances. He had come into the hospital after a horrible car accident. He more than remembered getting into the accident while driving with his stepmother, and he even more clearly remembered waking up in her body!

The doctors quickly tried to calm him. They told him that he was, in fact, fine. Tim angrily gestured to his body to indicate he was not fine. The doctors shook their heads. Tim was, in fact, only knocked out with a few cuts and scrapes, but his stepmom was in poor shape. A piece of glass had pierced her brain, and the doctors were able to heal it using experimental procedures. Those procedures needed a second subject’s brain to help heal the damaged parts. With Tim’s being the closet brain available, the doctors went with it. Tim was hooked up to a machine and the doctors went to work.

Unfortunately, the damaged portion of his stepmom’s brain was largely responsible for the sense of self (personality, memories, and such). As a result, the procedure essentially created a second Tim. One was still in his original body while the other was now in the body of his stepmother!

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