Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saving the Company (Part 2)

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Once Gilbert started to overlook the fact of his new body, he began to look around at his company. As he underwent tests to ensure he was healthy in his new body, he noted how much smaller the staff was for this secret division. It was a trend he noticed throughout the company. He had build an empire and now that empire was struggling. He certainly hoped he could turn things around, but he had also been dead for forty years. Who knew where technology had gone in that time? Not to mention the fact that people may not view this new body of his as the rightful heir to take control of this company back.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Saving the Company

At the time of his death, Gilbert Bates was one of the richest men on the planet with a tech company valued in the billions. He had set up a secret division at his company to freeze his body and brain in order to be revived when a cure to the disease killing him was found.

Forty years later, Gilbert finally awoke. He was quite shocked to look at his hand to see it was slender and feminine.

“Allow me to explain,” The scientist who had revived Gilbert explained, “Your company is near bankruptcy; your children squandered your personal wealth. If I didn’t act, this division would’ve been shut with the rest of your company. We hadn’t perfected the technology to save your body, but we could save your mind by placing it in another body. It may not be ideal, but it’s good to have you back. We needed you back now or it would’ve been never, and we need you to save the company...”

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Ride

Josh hadn’t been driving the magic taxi for long. His body had just been stolen about an hour ago. He hadn’t even thought about the type of person he wanted to swap with; he’d been just picking up random fares. He was still wrapping his mind around the idea of swapping bodies. And then one woman got in the back. She seemed to be looking over her own body before she finally opened her mouth.

“I gotta tell you something crazy, man,” She told Josh, “You probably won’t even believe it, but I found this weird device that allows me to steal bodies. I took this chick’s body. I’m going to do all kinds of nasty things to it. I’m a guy with a woman’s body! This is going to be crazy!”

Josh didn’t like the sound of that, so he decided that this woman was going to be the person he would swap with. He just couldn’t let this guy get away with whatever he was planning to do. Plus, he might get access to this body swapping device he was talking about...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Evidence

“So what did this machine do?” Brent asked not really wanting an answer.

“It switched our bodies,” Janice replied.

“Switching bodies? That’s impossible.”

“Listen to your voice. Or look down at yourself. Or just look at me. I think all the evidence is clear that switching bodies is very possible.”

“Yeah, I can see and hear, but I assumed it was an illusion or something. Like the machine messed with my mind or something, and just made me think we’ve swapped.”

“No we really have.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Billionaire

Being a billionaire, Harvey wasn’t about to let the Great Shift spoil his life one little bit. The moment he found himself in a woman’s body, he was insistent on finding a solution. In fact, he was pretty sure one of his research divisions might already have one. He didn’t even bother changing out of the clothes the woman wore. He simply located his original body, called up his personal helicopter pilot, and set off.

A few hours later, he landed near the facility. Unfortunately, all of brilliant people he had hired to work for him now all seemed to have idiot’s brains inside them. There was likely a solution there, but no one knew how to find it, let alone pull it off.

Frustrated, Harvey made his way back to his helicopter only to find that the pilot, the woman in his original body, and the copter itself were all gone. Either she convinced the pilot to take off with it, or (perhaps) that wasn’t his trustworthy employee in the pilot’s body. Harvey was stuck for now...

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Teacher

Back when he was in high school, Mark always had trouble concentrating in Miss Park’s class. All the guys had agreed she was the hottest teacher in school, and it didn’t help that she always wore short skirts. Of course, if looking at Miss Park was a distracting; actually being her was a bigger one! As Mark stood in front of the high school class awkwardly teaching Miss Park’s lesson for the day, he nervously pushed a strand of hair behind his ear and thought about how he got himself in this situation.

Mark actually hadn’t thought about Miss Park or any of his other teachers much in the five years since he graduated, but he sure did recognize her when he saw her at the supermarket. She was wearing the same short skirts he remember, and she even smiled when he said hello as she made it a point to remember her former students. But then Mark suddenly felt something at his back. It felt like he was hit by a giant truck or something. Whatever it was, the next thing he knew, his soul pushed into Miss Park’s body and her soul ended up in his.

She brought Mark back to her apartment, explained her lesson plans and what he had to teach for the next few days. Mark tried to pay attention, but he kept looking down and seeing those long, attractive legs. It was even weirder to think that those legs were now his! He kept hoping this was all a bad dream he would wake up from, but the next day, he awoke and found he was still in Miss Park’s body.

It got worse when he looked in her closet to get ready for the day to find that she didn’t own anything other than short skirts. He knew the day wasn’t going to be easy. And as he stood there he kept hoping it was only going to be a day. He felt so uncomfortable knowing all the guys in class were staring at him the way he stared at Miss Park five years ago...

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Week

When Henry and his wife Elena arrived on Exchange Island, they were told the swapping process would be a little slower than usual. They were both told to wait int he lobby with a group of other people until they found themselves swapped into a different body. Henry swapped almost instantly with a woman with long, dark hair. He told his wife he wait for her by the pool. It was several hours later before an elderly man stood next to Henry by the pool. He turned.

“You finally swapped with someone?” He asked.

“Yes,” Elena groaned, “But I think you got the better body this time. Everything joint I have just aches.”

“Probably,” Henry shrugged, “But it does feel like I have a pillow glued to my ass. I don’t know if I’m going to get used to having this booty all week!”

“At least it’s only a week!”