Saturday, August 4, 2018


Maggie had hoped that bringing her husband James on a vacation to Exchange Island would have been a humbling experience. That spending a few weeks in someone else’s shoes might help him become more empathetic, especially when he ended up in a woman’s body. Instead, he just jumped into a swimsuit and started to do some poses in the mirror. Part of him was excited about being twenty years younger again. He didn’t quite care if he was male or female or whatever. Then again, the more he thought about it, the more he realized being a woman was even better. It was something few guys ever got to experience, and if he could get away from his wife for a few hours, he could certainly have some real fun all to himself. He couldn’t imagine this was why she brought him here, but he didn’t really care either..

Friday, August 3, 2018


“What do you miss most about your old body?” Ron asked Jerome.

“It’s weird being almost two feet shorter! That’s for sure!” Jerome replied, “And being a chick is a total trip as well!”

“I’m glad we didn’t lose our basketball scholarships!”

“Yeah, they passed that law after the Great Shift protecting that sort of thing. It might be playing that I miss most though.”

“Well, we can still play!”

“Yeah, but you know what I for the college team. They just recruited new players that would crush us now.”

“You may have lost a team, but you gained a good girlfriend,” Ron said as he laid his head on Jerome’s shoulder, “And I got a good one, too.”

“I love you too,” Jerome said giving Ron a kiss, “And I probably never would’ve realized that if not for the Shift, so I guess in a way it was all worth it.”

“Totally worth it. Now let’s play some hoops.”

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Not Home (Part 3)

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Neil left Olivia’s, but once he went outside, he realized he was very far from his own home and wife. He didn’t recognize the city he was, but he was sure this wasn’t any place he had ever been before. The traffic seemed snarled with many abandoned cars, and he was sure public transportation wouldn’t be working if he could even find where it was in this city. He thought about heading back to Olivia’s -- even that was a strange unfamiliar place for him, but what other choice did he have?

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Not Home (Part 2)

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“First off,” Neil asked as he got to his feet and took off the jacket he wore, “Who’s Olivia?”

“Olivia is my sister,” The woman explained, “And right now you have her body.”

“Well, I can certainly tell that this body isn’t mine! But how...I mean, come on, body swapping? That sort of stuff is all just Freaky Friday made up stuff!”

“Tell that to the news reporters and 90% of the world! Apparently, there was some sort of event. I was lucky to not be swapped. I nearly panicked when everyone around me just sort of passed out. were out longer than most.”

“If everything you’re saying is true, then my wife is probably worried sick about me! I’ve got to call her! I’ve got to get home!”

“Cell phones are dead right now, but the news reporters say they should come back online in a few hours. You’re welcome to leave, but please take Olivia’s phone. We’d like to be able to keep track of her body.”

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Not Home (Part 1)

Neil was knocked to the ground by the light. He saw the flash of brightness approaching, but there wasn’t a way to avoid it nor did he expect it to have such a force behind it. When he finally started to get himself up off the floor, he noticed a few strange people standing around. He looked suspiciously at them.

“Olivia, are you okay?” One woman asked him.

“Who’s Olivia?” He replied.

“Dammit. I guess you and Olivia were affected to. Let me explain...”

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Transplant (Part 3)

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After a week, Tim returned to the hospital for a few tests and a short interview with the researchers.

“It’s been quite uneventful so far,” He lied to the doctor interviewing him. In reality, he had called up his girlfriend and told her everything. Then they proceeded to sleep together. It was the first time since swapping with Dr. Saito that he actually appreciated being in a woman’s body. And it was also the first time his girlfriend didn’t mind being stuck in the body of Tim’s father either.

When the researchers told Tim he would need to spend a little more time in Dr. Saito’s body in order for them to gather more data, he honestly didn’t mind. He just thought about calling his girlfriend for some more fun...

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Transplant (Part 2)

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For the next few days, Tim tried his best to adjust to being in Dr. Saito’s body. The supervisors in charge of the experiment had given him access to her apartment and a significant spending account. Tim inspected her wardrobe and it mostly matched Dr. Saito’s body -- amazingly unremarkable. It was filled with khaki pants, sweaters, and just mostly boring items. He couldn’t help but think the whole experience of being a woman might be a little more thrilling if he swapped with someone who was a little more interesting. As he took a short walk to clear his head, he thought about going to the mall to spice up his look. Then he thought about calling his girlfriend to tell him what he had undergone for her. He had given up everything to try to help her with her own problem. The doctors had told him not to contact anyone, but what harm would it do? After all, he already knew his girlfriend had swapped bodies with his father; how would it be any different if she knew he had swapped bodies with Dr. Saito?