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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another Sixty

Harriet was quite surprised when, as a result of the Great Shift, she found herself in the body of a much younger woman. Her first concern was finding her husband of sixty years, George. Despite the fact that he was now in a much younger body as well -- and a woman on top of that -- she still was able to recognize him almost immediately simply from his mannerism. They began to kiss, and Harriet was thankful to find her husband while also feeling fortunate that they could probably now live another sixty years together.

George returned the affection, but something felt off. He couldn’t quite place it at first, but he son realized that he had a woman’s body now, which meant he also had a woman’s hormones. While he still loved Harriet very much, his body craved the embrace of a man -- not another woman. As they kissed, he opened his eyes and looked around the room as he started to fantasize about being with a man instead...

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