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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Liz had grown quite worried about her son Daryl. She hadn’t seen him for several hours now, and she was getting worried. He hadn’t enjoyed when their family had moved to the farm in the rural town, and she was worried he had run away. She began to search a little bit when she saw her neighbor, Pam, sitting on a tractor in her field.

“Pam, you haven’t seen Daryl around, have you?” Liz asked nervously.

What Liz didn’t know was on the edge of their property was a small shed that contained a body swapping machine. Daryl had been using it pretty much non-stop since he found him. It just so happened that today he had swapped with Pam, leaving Pam stuck in her dog’s body while her dog was in his body.

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Daryl said with smile, knowing perfectly well that it was the truth.

“I’ve just been worried since we moved here. He doesn’t tell me anything anymore. He seems miserable.”

“I bet he was at first, but this town has a way of growing on people. I’m sure he’s just hanging out with some new friends he’s made, or maybe he found some other way to enjoy himself.”

“I hope you’re right, Pam.”

1 comment:

  1. Interesting stpory, good pic. Poor Pam though in a dog's body. the least he cou;d have done was to give her his!