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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday (Part 5)

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Eventually, the neighbors returned home with disappointing news. No one had found Eric’s body, the kid, or the body swapping gun. No one heard of any additional swaps either. The old eccentric inventor told everyone he’d start working on a new version right away, though it may take some time to complete. Until then, everyone was stuck. Eric felt particularly awkward to be stuck with Riri Nakamoro’s body. At least she offered to loan his some clothes -- though it seemed she exclusively owned dresses and heeled footwear. He often thought about buying some less feminine stuff, but he kept hoping things would be resolved any day now.

Months passed.

The old man had eventually finished the new version of the body swapping gun. It took a while to figure out who to swap with who. Eric waited, knowing he was going to be one of the last to swap back since his body was still missing. He knew Riri would want her own body back, even though he was kind of getting used to it at this point. He started doing the math as to who he might wind up as in the end...

1 comment:

  1. funny & well told story. I don't blame him for being worried. I wonder if he runs for it?