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Friday, May 3, 2019

Saturday (Part 4)

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Several hours passed, and no one seemed to return. Not one of the swapped neighbors nor the kid with the body swapping gun. In fact, the first person to come by Eric’s door was Mr. Nakamoro. He was certainly surprised to see what he thought was hit wife lounging about in Eric’s house wearing a bikini.

He didn’t seem happy.

In fact, Mr. Nakamoro yelled a whole lot in Japanese, and Eric was glad he didn’t understand a word of it. But Eric did try to quickly calm him down to explain what happened. Since Mr. Nakamoro lived in the neighborhood, the idea of body swapping seemed reasonable enough, but why the bikini?

Eric honestly didn’t know either. She had just been wearing it when they swapped, and he hadn’t changed. He also explained how he was getting worried that they weren’t going to find the ray gun to swap everyone back to normal.

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