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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rural (Part 2)

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Daryl knew his mom was worried about him, and he obviously knew he should swap everyone back to normal, return to his own body, and let her know he was okay. However, he wanted to spend just a little more time in Pam’s body. There was just so much he hadn’t done yet! He told himself it would just be a few more minutes, but then minutes turned to hours and he found himself wearing a breezy summer dress. Everything about this just felt so right.

But as much as he was enjoying being a woman -- being Pam -- he knew it wouldn’t last. He did need to get back to normal, so he trudged over to the shed. But his body was gone; the dog’s body was gone. If he couldn’t find both of them, he was going to be stuck like this! That thought didn’t bother him on some level, but he knew his mom would certainly worry and he just couldn’t do that to her!

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