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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Saturday (Part 2)

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Even with everything strange that had happened in his neighborhood over the past few months, it was still hard for Eric to accept that he was now inside the body of his neighbor, Riri Nakamoro. He felt the long hair on his head, the weight on his chest, the slenderness of his arms and waist. It was all so weird, but why would she do this to him?

Simply put, she didn’t. As he soon learned, the old inventor across the street had created a body swapping ray gun that had gotten into the hands of one of the kids on the street. While Eric was now in Riri’s body, Riri was in the body of the old man. The old man was in the body of a young, female college student on the block. About a dozen others were swapped in some way. No one could find the kid’s body or Eric’s body that now had the kid inside. Things were going to be messy for a while.

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