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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Saturday (Part 1)

At this point, Eric figured he should be used to strange things happening in his neighborhood. An eccentric scientist had moved in last year, and his experiments were often bonkers. One time, he made half the houses on the block disappear. Then there was the time everyone became elderly for an afternoon.

And this Saturday, he noticed his neighbor, Mrs. Nakamoro on his lawn. She seemed to be fooling around and playing some sort of game while wearing a bikini. Eric approached her and she pulled out what looked to be a toy gun. Eric tried to ask serious questions, but it seemed she just wanted to be silly. As he turned to go back inside, he expected the gun to fire some water of bubbles at him. Instead it stung with an odd tingle. He seemed to go lifeless for a moment.

The next thing he knew, he saw his own body running down the street with the toy gun. He was shocked to realize that he now had Mrs. Nakamoro’s body!

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