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Monday, April 22, 2019


Graham had been trying to track down all of his friends in the wake of the Great Shift. Quite a few swapped between each other, but it took him a while for him to find his best friend, Tom. After about a month, he discovered that Tom had swapped with a woman who lived a few towns over. After a short phone call, they agreed to meet up, and Graham was off in his car for the hour long drive. He knew Tom was going to be a woman now, but it was absolutely floored when he saw his friend was also in a wheelchair.

“I’ve weirdly gotten used to it rather quickly,” Tom said with a smile, “She lost the use of her legs due to a disease. She told me it will get worse as I get older, but I’m learning to live with it so far. I hesitated to reach out. I didn’t want people feeling bad for me or anything. It’s all fine. Everyone’s had to deal with a lot of weird things in the Shift; this is just the thing that I have to deal with...”

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  1. I like this. Not everyone would've gotten a perfect body in the Great Shift. Nice to see that he is accepting of what fate dealt him, even knowing where he was going.