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Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Adam had been skiing on a difficult trail in a remote section of an isolated mountain when the unthinkable happened. He could see the avalanche in the distance and wished he was some place safe. He would give anything if he could just survived this. Right before the wall of snow overtook him, he found himself at the bottom of a mountain not far from where he had been. The trails were much safer and the nearby ski lodge attracted many tourists. He took a moment to be glad that he was alive before noticing the long nails at the end of his fingers. Then he noticed his shapely body, heeled boots, long hair, and stylish clothes. He truly had given up everything -- his life, his body, his gender! He had escaped death, but he had done so by somehow swapping into the body of a woman several miles away. He was worried, and yet when he heard this distant sound of an avalanche, he suddenly felt a lot more at peace with the situation.

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