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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Witness Protection

Marvin mumbled under his breath as he typed the address of his new job into the GPS. After testifying against the mob, he had been promised a new life where no one would ever recognize him, but he never expected anything like this! In order to protect his identity, he underwent an experimental procedure that rewrote his DNA. When he ended up as a woman, he was shocked but he was also sure it was true that no one would ever recognize him. He never dressed in a feminine manner, opting for sneakers and sweatsuits instead. Despite starting a new job, today would be no exception. And, in fact, most things about being a woman annoyed him. Sometimes he wondered if the mob had someone on the inside and had arranged this procedure to torture him. Of course, if that was true, he’d still technically be in danger, wouldn’t he? No matter how safe everyone told him he was, he’d still be spending the rest of his life looking behind his back.

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