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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Ever since the government introduced top secret body swapping technology, Agent X’s job as an undercover assassin had been a breeze. He’d locate his target, find a scapegoat to swap bodies with, take out his target, and then swap into another body -- ideally back to his own, but in a pinch it really didn’t matter. For his latest mission, he had temporary stolen the body of the target’s own wife in order to make the hit. Even though he had a safe distance, security was still tight this far away. However, with this body, no one had even given him a second glance. Now it was just a matter of aiming and firing. Once it was over, he probably wouldn’t get far; he’d probably have to swap with a guard, and once he did that, he’d likely have to kill this body on site. He knew it seemed thrilling, but it was actually pretty routine at this point...

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