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Tuesday, April 9, 2019


When he first found the Medallion of Zulu, Lucas was elated. He could use the odd trinket to turn himself into anyone, which he did quite frequently by plucking a random piece of clothing from the dryers at the local laundromat. But when he was out in a borrowed body one day, an electrical fire destroyed his apartment. Luckily, he had the medallion with him at the time, but all his clothes had been burnt away in the fire. He had no way to get back to normal. Worse still was that he had no access to his money. He got resourceful.

It all started with the technique he had perfected back when he was simply experimenting with being random people. He’d pluck some clothes from a dryer at a laundromat. He’d transform himself using the clothes and spend twelve hours or so in their body. After which, he was often quite tired and hungry, but then he’d repeat the process. He’d go into another laundromat, steal some more clothes, and transform himself again. The fortunate result was that he’d be no more tired or hungry than this new body had been when they took off the clothes. As a result, he never needed to eat or sleep; each swap would rejuvenate him; and he had been young and old, male and female; every single race you could imagine.

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