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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Electrical Storm

The freakish electrical storm seemed to come out of nowhere. The pilot hadn’t even seen it on his radar before the plane was flying right through it. The turbulence was probably the wildest any of the passengers had ever experienced, and just when it seemed to be over the lights flickered and about half of the people on the plane ended up switching bodies. The pilot made an emergency landing on the closest airstrip.

When Nathan exited the plane, he was doing so as a new person, quite literally. In one of the more dramatic swaps, he ended up as a different gender in the body of a woman on board named Deborah. He knew it was going to be hard to adjust, but for now he was just thankful to be alive. He realized it would’ve been quite easy for one or both of the pilots to have ended up swapping bodies, which might’ve resulted in a crash. He’d just have to figure out how to deal with this.

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  1. Later Nathan found out he upgraded seeing Deborah was a CEO to a major media company and she made 6 figures a year but come to find out she was very busy did not have a personal life but did have many lovers both male and female but no one to call her own. And the original Deborah also upgraded she got to become a professional NHL player. one day The new Deborah ran into the new Nathan and funny thing they hit it off and weeks later became a couple even thou Deborah was 10yrs older than Nathan. Nathan knew what his old body wanted and so did Deborah and that is why they became a couple after Nathan's team won the Stanly-cup he asked Deborah to marry him Nathan retired and Deborah became a desk mogul they loved their new lives and Deborah found out she was pregnant and they never told their children or the real mom and dad made it easier that way.