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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Jeremy and his two best friends would often head off to the park to sneak in a few cigarettes. Even though they had all recently turned eighteen, they still wanted to hide their habit from their parents. It seemed one day they decided to do this a little too close to the playground area where a young mother was his her two toddlers. She noticed the three teens and began yelling at them, telling them to put out their cigarettes or she’d call the police.

Jeremy wanted to yell right back, but he never got the chance. A flash of light suddenly engulfed them all. When the light cleared from his vision, he realized something terrible -- he had swapped bodies with the young mother! Silently freaking out, he walked unsteadily on unfamiliar heels until he sat on a piece of playground equipment.

As bad as he felt he had things, he quickly realized his two friends had it worse. They swapped bodies with the woman’s two young toddlers. Jeremy might have been uncomfortable, but his friends were practically back to wearing diapers! It only got worse when they all realized the swap wasn’t limited to the local park...

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