Saturday, May 11, 2019

Heart Swap (Part 3)

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After changing into some more comfortable clothing, Ash went out to look for Manaphy. It felt weird hunting Pokemon while in Lillie’s body, and he was probably overly cautious as to make sure not to harm it. But with Pikachu by his side, he was sure he could solve this problem. But as days passed, nothing got resolved. They didn’t find Manaphy and Ash was still stuck in Lillie’s body...

Friday, May 10, 2019

Heart Swap (Part 2)

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Ash’s first order of business was to find his Pokemon. When he came across Pikachu, he was worried about how he would explain this. Luckily, Ash’s bond with the electric mouse Pokemon was very strong and Pikachu recognized his trainer instantly, no matter what body he currently had. Reunited with his best friend, Ash now knew the next part of his task would be to track down a Manaphy to help reverse this Heart Swap and get his own body back!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Heart Swap (Part 1)

It was widely known that Pokemon raised in the Alolan region turned out slightly different than their original counterparts. When a rare Manaphy was smuggled into the region, few could’ve anticipated the events. The mythical Pokemon’s Heart Swap power quickly became magnified and trainers across the region soon became affected. When Ash suddenly found himself in Lillie’s body, he couldn’t contain his shock. He let out an ear-piercing scream, which only made him even more distraught once he heard his now higher pitched voice.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Shortly after The Great Shift, an abandoned store was set up in a manner that allowed people to drop off clothes that no longer fit or pick up new items that might. Greg had gone every day. He hated being a woman; he knew nothing about women’s sizes. The first day, he just grabbed a bunch of stuff. Once he thought he figured out his size, he grabbed more items the next day. But he found that sizes weren’t exactly consistent. It was obnoxious as he kept going back, playing what felt like a game of guess and check.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sudden Collapse (Part 3)

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As bad as Gabrielle’s home life seemed to be, her work life was worse. Nick wasn’t exactly thrilled to be an executive assistant at a fashion magazine. He also wasn’t happy about having to wear a skirt. When he arrived on Monday morning, he was immediately called into the boss’s office and berated for not remembering the coffee. He just gave her a blank expression as she babbled on and on, seemingly enjoying the sound of her own voice.

He began wondering if he actually died after collapsing. Living Gabrielle’s life didn’t seem so much like a body swap as it did like his own personal hell.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Sudden Collapse (Part 2)

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Before Nick could think too much about the woman now was, another woman approached. She started babbling about her precious daughter and the traumatic experience she just witnessed. Nick very quickly realized the woman was talking about him. He found out this body’s name was Gabrielle, and she was in her 20s and still lived with a very overbearing mother.

Gabrielle’s mom was shocked her “baby” had seen a man die right in front of her and took her to see a psychiatrist the very next day. Nick wasn’t quite sure what to say. He just put his feet up on the table and stayed quiet most of the time. Mostly, he wanted to talk about who he really was; about the fact that he wasn’t Gabrielle at all. But with her mom insisting on sitting in, he found it quite impossible to share this fact.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sudden Collapse (Part 1)

Nick was in a state of shock. He had just felt a little light headed, and the next thing he know he was watching his own body collapse onto the ground. He hadn’t quite realized how he was able to see his own body collapse, he was more concerned with the bloody wound he could see on his own head. He called out for help, suddenly becoming aware of the higher pitched voice coming from his mouth. He could see himself over there because he was over here -- in someone else’s body! A woman’s body! None of his made any sense whatsoever!