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Saturday, June 6, 2020

ETA (Part 4)

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The next few times Chen went to check in on Dave, he wasn’t home. She thought this odd, because he had never not been home. The next time she saw him was actually when she was on her way to get groceries. Her jaw dropped at what she saw.

“What the hell are you wearing?” She asked.

“What?” Dave replied, “You told me to ditch the overalls.”

“Yeah, but my body is practically naked wearing what you have on! And where the hell did you get it!? I don’t own anything like that!”

Dave shrugged, “I went out and got it.”

“Shouldn’t you be spending time fixing that device of yours, so we can swap back to normal?”

“Everyone needs a break. And I think I look cute.”

“You mean MY body looks cute? And where are you off to now anyway? Another break?”

“Something like that. When I went out shopping a guy asked me out on a date. I thought we’d hook up.”

“No way you are hooking up with anyone! That’s my body!”

“Well, not right now it isn’t. And until I do fix my device, it’s not going to be yours. And, quite frankly, you aren’t giving me much of a reason to rush with this attitude of yours all of a sudden...”

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