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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Premium Package

Jeff was glad he paid for the premium package on his trip to the ski resort. Along with a few other perks, one utilized the latest body swapping technology in the event of an accident. Sure enough, Jeff broke his leg almost immediately. For the first injury, you could pick any available body. Jeff selected a guy that looked like a body builder, but soon discovered he a muscular body wasn’t nearly as flexible as his own and ended up with a sprain.

However, it seemed for subsequent accidents, you didn’t get to pick your bod -- you were assigned one. That’s how Jeff ended up as a woman for the majority of his vacation. He mostly stayed in the lodge with it. He didn’t want to risk another injury. After all, he wasn’t enjoying being a woman, but he was also sure you continued to get less desirable bodies if you cycled through more and more. Even if he had to be a woman, at least he was a young and attractive one! This was something he was reminded of fairly constantly with a barrage of pick up lines from other dudes in the lodge. He couldn’t wait for the vacation to be over, so he’d be back to his own body -- even if he’d have to deal with the broken leg once he did!

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