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Monday, June 1, 2020


Max was distraught when the Great Shift struck and he wound up in the body of a nerdy Asian girl, who sat in the front row of his college statistics class. Without a word, he slipped out back to her off-campus housing, not wanting to be around people. She luckily lived alone, so he knew he wouldn’t be disturbed. He quickly became surprised as he dug through her closets. The oversized sweaters and ill-fitting jeans that he often seen her wear were there, sure, but there was also a wide array of leather dresses, corsets, and freaky stuff like handcuffs and whips. He knew he had to try some of it on, and when took off her glasses and looked in the mirror, he was surprised that the nerdy Asian girl he now was appeared to be quite hot and more than a little bit freaky.

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