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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Just Passing By (Part 2)

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Jason thought about looking for this woman’s kid now in the man’s body. However, he took a few steps and quickly learned that walking in heels wasn’t easy. He only made it as far as a nearby bench before he needed to sit down again. He decided that the kid wasn’t his problem, right? After all, he may have been in the mom’s body, but he wasn’t ACTUALLY a mom. And the kid was now technically fully grown anyway, right? And even if those weren’t factors, there were still these damn heels to deal with. And where would he even start? The kid had run away, and there were tons of confused people around.

It felt like he had to keep telling himself a million excuses, as he was sure this woman’s hormones were fighting to want to protect her child. It was one of the many weird feelings he was having inside right now...

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