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Friday, June 26, 2020

Family Dinner

Carl definitely regretted telling his best friend Edwin about the odd necklace he had found. You put the thing around your neck, touched a piece of clothing to it, and you became the last person who wore that clothing. Edwin had asked Carl for way too many favors with this thing. It was one thing when Edwin used it on himself, but for the latest favor he had begged Carl to transform himself into Edwin’s ex-girlfriend, Miriam, to attend a family dinner. Carl had never used the medallion to become a woman before, and he reluctantly agreed. While it felt weird having a woman’s body, the dinner was even weirder.

Most of Edwin’s family were jerks to Miriam; it was no wonder she broke up with him. The worst part was that Edwin would laugh along as they cracked jokes at her expense. Carl knew he technically wasn’t Miriam, but he still felt like he was the one being attacked -- because in a very real way he was. He couldn’t wait for this dinner to be over with. Once he was back to his own body, he was going to tell Edwin that there would be no more favors -- ever.