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Friday, June 12, 2020

Just Passing By

Jason was merely walking by a playground when he suddenly felt woozy. His head was spinning and his balance felt off. He needed to sit and found himself resting his butt on a swing, which now seemed much closer than it should be. He tried to regain his composure, but somehow couldn’t quite go back to feeling normal.

Eventually, a gentleman with a mustache approached him with tear-stained cheeks. “Mommy,” The man cried, “I’m scared.”

Jason was weirded out and snapped, “Get lost creep.”

The man ran away crying even harder, and Jason tried to clear his throat. Something seemed wrong with his voice. He coughed putting his hand up to cover his mouth, seeing the painted nails on his fingers as he did so. It was all coming together in his head. With all the strange feelings, he realized he was in the wrong body. And it seemed so was this woman’s child...

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