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Monday, November 26, 2012

Body hopper

Body Hopper TG Caption
Heading out to a bar to pick up a woman would be a typical nighttime activity for most men, but the way Roger would do it was a little bit different. He was a body hopper. He wasn’t concerned with “picking up” a woman, so much as just “picking” one. Sometimes it would take him all night to decide, but this time he found someone almost immediately. She wore a silver swearshirt over a nice dress. He wouldn’t even need to talk to her. He just had to look at her and concentrate. Within a few moments, his soul exited his own body and entered hers. He always smiled as he gained control of a borrowed body. Some bodies took some getting used to, others it would take a while for him to start actually enjoting, but this one was instantly appealing. He made a great pick this time.

1 comment:

  1. DAMN!!! This one is hot :D I love bodyhoppers, I really wish I had that power. Hope to see more captions like this one :) Thanks.