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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tickets (Part 1)

It seemed like an appropriate trip for Hal’s last day on the job as a ticket taker. The train was practically empty. An Asian woman was sleeping in one of the seats, a family was trying to control their two kids, and a couple sat hugging each other. He hadn’t wanted to retire, but the company was forcing him. He wished he could stay on just a few more years. That’s when he noticed the young Asian woman’s hair start to gray. It was sudden, and soon he noticed it wasn’t just her hair! Her whole body seemed to be getting older, and it looked more and more familiar. She was turning into him! That’s when he looked down to realize that he was turning into her! He saw her ticket was for the next stopped and rushed to wake her. She nodded for a second as the train slowed down. She turned to him and smiled. “You’re welcome,” she said as she left the train. Her smile was nothing compared to Hal’s reaction. He became ecstatic. He was young again and could continue his job. It meant the world to him!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, nice!! I cna't wait to see part two to see why she would swap with an old man :)