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Monday, November 19, 2012


Martin used the binoculars to look back across the river. His former body should still be standing on the pier. For the past year, he had been dabbling in magic, and he just pulled off an amazing mix of three spells. The first was a body swap, the hardest of the three. The next left his victim in a state of quiet confusion for about an hour. After stealing a body, it was the easiest way to make a clean break without the other person making a scene. The final was to keep his former body in a limited space for the same time period. This one was for his own curiosity; he wanted to be able to see the woman reacting to finding herself in his body -- he just made sure to do it at a safe distance. Sure, being inside a woman’s body was exciting for him, but something about seeing a woman inside of his body brought that excitement to a whole other level. It would only be a few more seconds now before he could see her reaction...

1 comment:

  1. He certainly picked himself a great body, I would have stolen it too. Great caption.