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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Under the boardwalk

After Ben went off to college, his parent retired and moved from Iowa to Florida, which meant that’s where he’d be spending his summer. He thought it would be cool, except all of his friends were back in the midwest and it seemed everyone in his parents’ town was old. That changed one day when he met Pam. She was Ben’s age, but her parents weren’t able to afford to send her to school, so she had been working for minimum wage at a department store for the past year. After hanging out a few times, she suggested they go to a hidden place under the boardwalk. Ben thought he was going to get laid; instead he was greeting with a piece of wood to the back of his head, knocking him out cold. He wasn’t sure how long he was out, but he was certainly surprised at what had happened in that time. Pam must have stolen his body, as he was now in hers! It seemed impossible, but there was no denying the evidence. Her long asymmetrical hair was now hanging from his head, he had her leggings hugging his body tightly, he could even feel her small breasts on his chest. It didn’t take him long for him to figure out her motive. He would be back off to college in a few weeks, and she’d still be stuck here working for almost nothing. He realized no one would believe his story. No one would buy into the idea of body swapping. But he needed a plan. If not one to get his body back, at least one to make his life as Pam better. He just had to think. He was smart enough; he could do this.

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