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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Pond

TG Caption
Beth was not an outdoor kind of girl. When her boyfriend, David, asked her to go on a short hike with him, she tried to refuse, but he just wouldn’t let her. She certainly didn’t have any hiking clothes, so she just went in what she was wearing. After only a few minutes in, she begged to go back, but David kept going with a certain drive. She should’ve been suspicious, but she was too busy complaining. A few more minutes later and they came to a small pond. David acted like the find was spontaneous, but it wasn’t. He knew the pool had the power to swap two people’s bodies if they were in it at the same time. He encouraged Beth to relax and take a break by jumping in. She refused; she was not dressed for swimming! David knew he was too close to pass this up. He reacted quickly by pushing her in, then jumped in himself. He didn’t notice the change until he made it out of the pond. He was soaking wet, but he also now had Beth’s body. He let out a grin as he gave his new butt a quick feel. A few moments later, Beth would come out of the pond with David’s body. She would not be nearly as pleased with the switch.

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