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Monday, November 5, 2012

Smuggled (Part 1)

TG Captions
Gavin considered himself a world-class smuggler, specializing in transporting people over borders to America. He was good at what he did thanks to his body swapping device. First, he’d swap himself at home in the states; with his criminal record, he would be instantly recognized if he tried to travel by plane. He often stole a blonde woman’s body for the task; he hated being a woman, but he found they aroused less suspicion. Then he’d get some animals from an animal shelter. He’d fly to a country -- this time he got two dogs and was going to Mexico. He’d been using the device once he landed to switch a couple’s mind temporarily into the animals. Once back north of the border, he’d swap their minds back into humans. It was a pretty air tight plan. The foreigners would have perfect new and legal identities, the citizen’s whose lives had been stolen would be dogs and not be able to tell anyone what happened. The only loose end was the person he would swap with.

1 comment:

  1. This is the BEST caption EVER!!! I love body swapping devices, especially in the hands of criminals/smugglers. Thank you so much and PLEASE...make this a long series if you can :)

    I eagerly await part 2 :D