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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Simon was pretty sure that things could only get worse for him from here on out. He had hired a prostitute for his best friend’s Bachelor Party the other week. Through a series of tragic events, she ended up dead by morning. It wasn’t long before her pimp came after Simon. He was ambushed, kidnapped, and injected with a strange drug. His passed out body was thrown in a room while the drug’s effect took place. His body shifted until it was an exact match for the dead hooker. While still under, someone changed his clothes. Simon awoke some time later locked in a room. He recognized the clothes he wore -- they were HERS from the night she died. It took him longer to wrap his brain around the fact that he now had a copy of her body as well. He had no idea such a technology existed, and it seemed even stranger to him that a pimp would have access to it! But now was not the time to worry about the whys. Considering what they had already done to him, he figured he’d have a lot more to worry about if he stuck around. He needed to find a way to escape now. He knew he’d be trapped in this body for good now, but there’s no way he’d let himself he trapped in a world of prostitution.

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