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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zen (Part 1)

Nick had signed up for an outdoor yoga class. He had hoped he’d meet some women there, but when he attended his first class he discovered that he was, in fact, the only student! Luckily, the teacher was totally hot with large breasts! It was hard not to stare at them from the very start of class. She instructed him into deep meditation, which made his head feel like it was in another world for a moment. He was already feeling very relaxed, but a sudden strange jolt broke him out of his trance. Something truly weird had happened, and he was now in the instructor's body! For the next few minutes, he could only sit there in the meditative position frozen in shock as he stared at his own body.


  1. Wow, significent back ache there :0

  2. WOW! great use ofpic. & intrioguing story. Iwonder where it willgo from here.?