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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Frank was furious when his wife told him she had thrown away the medallion responsible for swapping their bodies. He stormed down to the trash room still wearing his wife's fuzzy green jacket high heels, and leather mini skirt. He really didn't want to waste the time to change into her work clothes, and he really didn't care if he ruined her nice outfit. After searching for about an hour with his industrial flash lights, a blonde woman came down. Claiming to be a man named Everett, 'he' said he was also looking for a medallion that his sister had thrown down here after she trapped him in her body. A black woman in a purple coat came down shortly after with a similar story only claiming it was his girlfriend who had stolen his body. Finally, a fourth woman came down; she stared at the others for a moment with one hand on her hip. After hearing the other three mumble, she ran back upstairs as quickly as possible. As she got to the top of the stairs, she looked at her hand and she knew he had to do something else with this medallion--she couldn't just throw it away; the others might find it and force her to swap back with her fat, overweight, balding slob of a neighbor. She enjoyed her new life a sexy woman way more than her old one as a man--there was NO WAY she was going to even begin to risk returning to that life!

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  1. awesome :D please oh please let my pic be next :)