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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kissing frogs

It had been hundreds of years since Prince Johan was cursed and turned into a frog, waiting for a woman of pure virtue to kiss him. Meanwhile, right across the pond, a young woman who had just been dumped for cheating on her boyfriend was sitting swigging some stashed vodka. A drunkwn thought entered her mind to kiss frogs, and maybe she'd find a prince. After kissing a few slimey lips, she picked up Johan. He was excited about the possibility of his curse finally being lifted but was shocked when he found that he had simply swapped bodies with the woman. She just wasn't virtous enough to break the curse completely. Now he was stuck in her very slutty body still seeking a woman of virtue to kiss. On top of every thing, he maintained many of his frog-like traits. It would be difficult to get anyone to kiss a woman who squatted like a frog and, from time to time, caught a fly in her mouth to eat.

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