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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The old west

Mad Dog Morgan was on the run from the law with a wanted poster in every town in the Old West. He needed to hide, but how? While he was having a drink at a saloon, an old man told him that he could help make it so the law wouldn't recognize him. The old man told him there would be a price, and Mad Dog was quick to pull some gold out of his pocket. But the old man refused, saying the price would be obvious soon enough, and that it wasn't gold or money. Mad Dog seemed confused, and asked what the man's plan was. The old man told him to simply walk out of the saloon door, and no one will ever recognize him as Mad Dog Morgan ever again. Mad Dog laughed, but did as he was told, hoping for any chance to evade the law. He walked out the door and wondered what he would look like now. He waked back into the saloon, but the old man was gone. When he found a mirror, he looked in and realized the price...he was a dame!

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