Saturday, August 15, 2009


Tyler checked out his reflection in the glass--he was looking good. A few months ago the Great Shift put him into the body of a slightly overweight woman. She was pretty, but with a bit of exercise and eating right, Tyler knew he could be hot. He had been jogging everyday, and the results were becoming apparent. He was so toned.

Looking awesome

Julie was getting all sorts of strange looks from her friends today because of her eccentric pink outfit. It was an out of place look for the conservative stay-at-home mom. Of course what none of them realized was that inside her body was the brain of her five-year-old son, Stewart. A strange pulse had caused them to swap bodies night before. Stewart insisted on dressing himself and thought the clothes he picked out were pretty cool! He just figured all his mom's freidns were staring because they were jealous of how awesome he looked!

Toilet paper

It had been 24 hours since the Great Shift and Chris had wished the clothes stores had opened along with the grocery, but he guessed it was a matter of the most essential services. He certainly needed toilet paper, though he certainly wasn't looking forward to going to the bathroom. However, he really had no clothes to wear that fit--he ended up putting on a coat, some stockings, and shoes that an ex-girlfriend had left at this house a long time ago. He had to be pretty careful when he was out as he actually wasn't wearing anything under the coat, and he didn't want anyone to find out. As he adjusted his heel on his way back to his car, he figured that he succeeded.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Zach was struggling with his grades in science class, so he was pleased when his teacher told him that he could participate in an experiment for extra credit. She handed him a helmet and told him to put it on. He asked what it would do, and she explained that it was a body switching machine that would swap his mind with a student wearing a similae helmet at another school. He went from being worried about his grades to thinking that his teacher was downright crazy. However, he wanted that extra credit, so he put on the helmet. Nothing happened and he let out a laugh. "Hang on," she said, "let me turn it on." After his teacher typed a few commands into her laptop, Zach felt like his soul was being tugged at, sucked up, and spat out. He regained consciousness to find that he was in a different room, in a different school, and in a different body! He was horrified that he was in a blonde woman's body! He begged to be swapped back immediately but was told that doing so this quickly would fry his brain. He needed to wait at least a week!


Jack had screwed over many people in his days as a media mogul; people cursed his name on a daily basis, but he never thought any of those threats would be an actual curse. As he walked down the red carpet the day after firing his hard-working assistant, Janice, his body slowly morphed and changed. The cameras flickered like crazy as the grey-haired man transformed into a young beauty while still wearing his old tux. As he arrived at the entrance to the theatre, security tackled the unrecognized attendee and escorted Jack out. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in a nearby window: he had transformed into Janice!

An hour (Part 4)

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Eventually, Frank's grib gave out and he was sucked completely through the vortex. He felt weird for a minute. The first thing that he noticed that it was daytime...wasn't it night before? Wait, where did he just come from? He? Why was she thinking of herself as a he? Her name was Anne Gibson; why did she just call herself a he? So weird? Now, where was she doing and what was she waiting for? Oh, yeah, Frank (now thinking of himself as Anne) pulled out a cigarette, then grabbed her phone and texted her boyfriend to come pick her up. Meanwhile, Anne (now in Frank's body) looked back at her old self smugly. She had stolen his body and was ready to start her new life as a man...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


It had to be here! It had to be! Chris was scrambling in the back yard looking for the Medallion of Zulu. It was only a few hours before his sister would be back after her week long vacation. He had been housesitting for her when he found the Medallion and its power. He used it to transform into her for the week. He mostly stayed at home, so he couldn't image it would be out of the house or the yard, except for that one time...Oh no! Had he somehow brought it with him to the store when he went to go buy groceries? He ran back to the store's lost and found, but they hadn't seen it there either. How was he going to explain to his sister that he was now her exact twin?


Miles was pissed at his sister. He was on spring break at the beach in California when he all of a sudden felt cold. He looked around, and realized that he was back at his family's house in Minnesota. The next thing he noticed was that his body was very different--it was the body of his sister! He knew she was into witchcraft and all that spooky stuff, but he had no idea she was capable of something like this! He only hoped that she would switch them back at the end of spring break. He had no desire to go back to college as her!

An hour (Part 3)

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As Frank continued to get sucked through the vortex, he grabbed on to it's sides, completely freaked out about the whole thing. Sure, he had agreed to let that woman borrow his body for an hour, but when he swapped into her body, there was NOTHING like this! If this was what was needed to swap back, he would've at least appreciated a warning or something!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sisters (Part 2)

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The boys spent several hours looking for their own bodies to no avail. Upon returning to where they started, Josh sighed, "You know what? Let's give up. Ken, I think I just might keep your sister's body." Both Logan and Ken looked completely surprised at Josh's statement. "What!?" They asked almost in unison.

"Lin is hot!" Josh exclaimed, "And now I'm her, so I'm hot! Over these past few hours looking for our old bodies, I've sort of gotten used to it. I really don't think it's so bad; I'm not sure I even want to go back when we do find where our sisters are with our bodiess."

Animals WERE harmed in the making of this caption

Kevin had been experimenting with the technology to swap brains. He had run the test on the household pets and successfully swapped the cat with the dog. Unfortunately, because of a miscalculation, the experiment also resulted in a brain swap between Kevin and his wife, Karen. He ran tests on both himself, his wife, and their pets--all appeared to be healthy. However, when he tried to swap the dog and cat back to their own bodies, they both died. He kept trying with other animals, and while the initial swap was always successful; the swap back always seemed to kill the animals. As he was bringing another dog from the shelter for further testing, Karen asked what he was doing. When Kevin explained the problem, she was horrified and insisted that he stopped the test immediately. She didn't care if they were stuck as each other forever, she didn't want him harming any more animals!

An hour (Part 2)

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Frank was really just watching the minutes tick away after he agreed to lend his body to a mysterious stranger. It hadn't been so bad, but he would be certainly glad to get his body back in after an hour. His clock ticked to 60 minutes, and nothing happened. He began to freak out, but luckily at minute 61, he was sucked down into a strange vortex. He was hoping this would be the beginning of the end...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy customers

When scientists announced that they had developed technology to transfer brains from one body to another, a company by the name of SwapCo quickly bought up the technology and prepared for a public release. Baed on their market studies, they expected a large male turnout wanting female bodies, but were surprised on opening day of their first store that there were just as many women waiting in line as men. Strangely, the number of each gender turned out to be exactly equal, meaning everyone wound up being very happy customers, and SwapCo's first quarter earnings were higher than anyone anticipated.

Human-animal hybrid

Answering an ad in the college paper for scientific study seemed like easy money for Corey, who wanted some extra beer money for his frat's weekly parties. He expected that he'd have to do some kind of memory tests or MAYBE at worst get shocked. However, it turned out he was in for a series of strange genetic experiments. He was a little worried after the first day of testing transformed him into a woman. The research assistants assured him that all the effects would be reversed at the end of the week. He felt silly that he had to borrow some of his girlfriend's clothes the next morning before going in for the next series of tests. The experiments on the second day was worse. He had thought there was a ban on human-animal hybrid testing, but it seemed the researchers didn't care. His genes were merged with a tiger, completely transforming his face. He was silent leaving the lab as he made his way to his bike to ride home. A boy on the street asked what was wrong with his face, and Corey tired to explain, but was even more surprised when the only thing that came from his mouth was a feline roar.

An hour (Part 1)

"How'd you like to make $100?"

"Excuse me?" Frank asked to the mysterious stranger.

The woman asked again, "How'd you like to make $100? Let me borrow your body for one hour, and it's yours."

"Do you need me to move something for you or something? Yeah, sure, I'll help."

"No, I literally want your body. For one hour, my soul will be in your body, and yours will be in mine."

Frank was sort of confused but agreed; he could really use the money. The next thing he knew, he was in the woman's body with $100 in his hands. His own body had disappeared. He held his hands with the money up to his face, still taking in the surreality of the situation.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fill 'er up

Dave really wished he hadn't taken that cab home last night. He had never believed in magic, so a cursed taxi cab that swapped him into the driver's body seemed preposterous. However, now inside that cabbie's body, he could no longer deny the evidence. A journal explained how he could steal another person's body and it wasn't long before he found a victim. She was a young woman with knee high boots and a pink coat. Nearing the destination, he could tell the meter would be too low to initiate a swap, so he lied and claimed he needed gas. The young woman was angry; she demanded Dave turn off the meter, but he refused. She stormed out of the cab before it even came to a complete stop at the station and slammed the door. "Yeah, a nice day to you too," yelled Dave as the meter clicked over the minimum amount. The woman stormed away. "Hey! You still owe me for the fare," Dave screamed. "Screw you!" She responded. Dave sighed as he started to fill up the tank. Then he started to feel weird. The next thing he knew, he was in the woman's body, still filling up the cab's tank. He stopped suddenly, reached into the pink coat's pocket, and found a $50 bill. He tossed it on the driver's seat and walked mindlessly down the street. He was in a daze as he passed by a familiar face, the one that belonged to him a few moments ago. His daze broke as he found himself standing in front of his new house and life.

Could've been dead

Like most people, Tim found himself in a strange body in some other location when the Great Shift hit. He was shocked to find himself leaning on car perched on very high heels. The car drove away dropping Tim onto the road. He sat up pondering what sort of body he was now in. Judging from the position he was in right after the Shift, he guessed he was in the body of a hooker or something. He had certainly hoped there was going to be some way for people to claim their original lives...he didn't want to live this new one. Even if he had the body of a hooker, he still wanted his life as a lawyer. As he was thinking about all of this, a car came swerving down the street. Luckily, he darted out of the way just in time. He realized no matter what happened from now on out, it could've been worse; he could've been dead!

Switcher party

When Thomas heard his friend was having a swinger party, he was excited. He showed up with his girlfriend without telling her what the situation was. However, he misheard, and it turned out that it was actually a switcher party. When they showed up, they each swapped bodies with two other guests at the party. Thomas ended up in his own girlfriend's body but was unsure of who his girlfriend had swapped into. He waited on the couch for her, so that they could leave and swap back. Hours passed as he consumed a few drinks and then a few more. Eventually he passed out. When he awoke the next morning, he noticed a few other guests who had also passed out, his own body among them. He was startled by the front door opening with his friend Philip, the party's host, emerging. Philip was shocked when Thomas told him who he was and then told him with a frown that all the people who spent the night would be stuck in their new bodies forever.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


After the Great Shift had swapped him into his babsitter's body, Marty thought the world would be so much more fun! After all, big people wouldn't be able to boss him around because he was a big person now! However, he found things to be very disappointing. He was too tall for his favorite rides at Chuck E. Cheese, he wasn't able to fit into his favorite Underoos anymore, and the playground, which once seemed so big and vast, now seemed tiny. He used to love the slide there; it had felt huge, but now it seemed he was at the bottom as soon as he jetted off downward. Marty just wanted to be a 5-year-old kid again!

Truth, justice, and the American way

Professor Richard Crandell had been experimenting with estrogen in his lab when a radation leak caused a strange reaction--he turned into a woman! At first he was bummed, but soon he found that a set of super powers came with his new vagina. He had super strength, super speed, and he could even fly! The next step was purely logical for Richard, he'd become a superhero! Putting on some sexy American themed clothes and shades to hide his identity, he was off to fight for truth, justice, and the American way!


"You stole my body. You stole my life. Did you think I'd just forget where I used to live? How dumb do you think I am?" Brent asked Kelly. He had been waiting for her outside of the home he had lived in until she had stolen his body.

"Oh no, I figured you'd be here, but the swap is irreversible." Kelly responded, "But I am about to call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing and harassment. Do you think the cops will believe you when you tell them that I stole your body? How dumb do you think *I* am?"