Saturday, September 5, 2009


Jack had enough! He was a janitor up until last month when a Hollywood executive convinced him to take over the life of a celebrity, who had died in a terrible accident. They had covered up her death and used top secret technology to morph his body into hers. However, he was sick of it. He didn't care whose body he was in, what she was wearing, or what red carpet she was supposed to be at...all Jack wanted now was to go across the street and eat some pizza, and no one would stop him.


Husband and wife, Gary and Susan, had swapped bodies because of a magical medallion. They thought that if they told anyone, people would think they were crazy, so they agreed to act as each otheruntil they could switch back. They failed miserably at it, leading many friends to be suspicious. However, they tried to continue the guise at home where Gary burnt dinner and Susan failed miserably at fixing the sink. After a bit more discussion, they decided that while they'd continue to pretend to be each other in public, in private they'd still act like themselves. The twelve hours before the medallion would work again seemed to take forever...


Kelly was starting to regret her decision to force her brother, Cody, to go to the prom in her place after the two had swapped bodies in an accident with one of their father's inventions. She just couldn't believe the short dress that Cody picked out to wear; it was way too short! She thought her body looked slutty. If she thought it looked slutty, just wait until the rumors that would spread about her in the next week after Cody slept with her date...and several other people's...

Friday, September 4, 2009


Walter pushed the food around some more. It had been a week since his mind was somehow zapped halfway around the globe into the body of a submissive asian wife. He tried to get a word in to explain the situation, but her husband wouldn't let a word in about it. He couldn't believe how miserable this week had been, and he was plotting an escape. He just needed to get away from the watchful eye of this woman's husband for a few moments...What he didn't know was that the woman was now in her own husband's body. She had assumed a simple swap and was using the opportunity as a bit of revenge on what she thought was her husband in her own body.

Bride's maid

Dirk couldn't believe he was doing this. One of his sister's bride's maids was sick, so she begged him to take her place. He explained to her that aside from being a guy, he'd never fit in the pink bride's maid dress. She told him there might be a way and pulled out a strange looking medallion. She put it around his neck and touched the dress to it. Dirk's body suddenly morphed into an exact copy of his sister's friend. He groaned, but shortly after forced a smile. He didn't really want to do this, but he did love his sister. He'd suck it up and get through this for her.


Kenneth had been spooked ever since the Great Shift. He had no problems with the new female body he now had; in fact, he actually enjoyed his new found womanhood. It was the fact that ever since being in the body, he could swear that someone was following him. He wondered if his new body had some sort of chemical imbalance, but a visit to the doctor revealed nothing. The simple fact was that he WAS being followed. Two FBI Agents were told to keep a close eye on every movement Kathy Leon's body made no matter what; they weren't going to let a little thing like The Great Shift stop them from doing their jobs. It didn't matter to them that Kenneth was the one inside Kathy's body now. They were just looking for ANYTHING illegal, but Kenneth was a fortunately a straight shooter. The agents were now simply wasting their time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Transformation booth

"You just had to be curious about this new transformation booth, didn't you, Janet? Damnit, we enter this thing, put 25 cents in a slot, and we switch bodies! Now I'm in your body, and you're in mine! We tried putting in another coin, but nothing! We're stuck!" George yelled at his wife.

"How was I supposed to know it was going to do this? It's not like I enjoy being in your body either! You got to admit, though, it's a pretty good deal for a quarter!"


"Noooooo!" Adam screamed as he fell to the floor, "Not again!"

For the past year, he had been switching bodies with random girls at various intervals because of a curse placed on him. He had thought he had made proper retribution to stop the swapping forever. He had fallen asleep in his own body in his own body last night for the first time since before the curse started. However, what he didn't know was that the latest swap wasn't a result of the curse, but of a worldwide phenomena called "The Great Shift," which swapped not only his body, but the bodies of everyone worldwide. Not only that, he'd be stuck in this body forever.

Transformation orbs

Henry had been a skinny weakling most of his life until he discovered a weird room at the University where he worked. It was filled with strange orbs, and all he had to do was touch one and come up with a mental image to transform into whatever he wanted. He made himself muscled, good-looking, whatever he wanted. He did it slowly, as to not call attention to the change. However, as he was entering the room one day, he dropped one to the floor, releasing its transformative powers. His body shifted in all sorts of strange ways. Eventually he settled, and he was shocked by the change. He was a gorgeous women in a fashionable outfit and a wild hairdo. He tried rubbing an orb to no effort. He tried breaking a second one. It seems after breaking an orb, all the transformative properties ran out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Tanya hurt her jaw at a costume party and was rushed to an emergency dentist to make sure her million dollar model smile would be fine. As Dr. Rherson started work on the young woman, both of them had their eyes diverted by a strange blue light. Dr. Rherson suddenly found himself in Tanya's body, operating on his own mouth. He still had all his dental knowledge, but aside from having Tanya's body, he also had her spoiled brat attitude (in addition the her blood alcohol level), so when a call came in, he like HAD to pick it up. Meanwhile, Tanya was terrified. Now in the doctor's body, she lamented the loss of her modeling career for a moment, but the real danger seemed to be more immediate...The Role Exchanger strikes again!


"Don't think you're going to get away with this, Mr. Brown," Brenda sneared to her stolen body with the frail, whithered voice of the old man.

"Mr. Brown? Why are you calling me Mr. Brown? That's you! Have you gone senile in your old age? I think it's clear that you're Franklin Brown, and my name is Brenda Carlin. Think you can keep that straight? No one here would want to see you committed."

Franklin smiled from Brenda's body. He had stolen it, and it was his now. No one would ever believe the crazy rantings of an old man about bodyswapping...

Paid well

Gus and Sal weren't exactly excited about their new careers after the Great Shift. The two men had a lot of heavy lifting at their old jobs, but since the Shift put them in the bodies of a pair of weak librarians, they had to find new work. They didn't have their old strength nor did they have much education, but fortunately, those librarians had some sexy curves under their prudish clothes. The two men were hired as strippers. Sure, it was degrading and humiliating for the former men, but it paid well. Now they were enjoying their daily cigarette before heading out onto the stage for the night.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three days

Morty couldn't believe how expensive a trip to Exchange Island was, but considering what it promised, he had shell out the dough. He was a little disappointed when he arrived and nothing happened. In fact, he was on the island for three days before he switched bodies with someone. He was swimming in the ocean at the time, and walking to the shore with two giants breasts hanging from his chest was totally unexpected. The 40-year-old man was hoping to be a young, buff stud, but quickly realized that spending the rest of his vacation as this hot woman might have its advantages as well...

Brainwaves (Part 5)

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It took a while for Benny to get over what happened. He couldn't believe that Darcie killed herself in his body, and he blamed himself. It was his invention that caused the swap, and his slacking that led to the invention not being repaired in a timely manner. Ultimately, he decided that the best thing he could do was live the best possible life he could as Darcie. He met a guy named Ted, and the two hit it off. After only a few short months of dating, the two were married. Finally, Benny in Darcie's body felt complete and fulfilled.


First, after an accident in their basement, Jason switched bodies with his sister Jenny. After Jason's friend Tommy got jealous, they tricked Jenny's friend Allison to swap with Tommy. The two girls were furious, but the two boys couldn't be happier adjusting to their new female lives. They dressed up in the girliest clothes they could find and slabbed on the makeup with heavy force. The girls were shocked when they walked in on the former boys getting ready for a night out at the mall. From the looks of things, Jenny and Allison might never get their bodies back!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Head Swap

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Boy Toy

For his age, Charlie was a genius. He had developed a new nano technology that he could control someone's mind with. He implanted the nanites in a shirt with the words "Boy Toy" across, as anyone wearing the shirt would instantly be his toy, to do with as he pleased. He didn't know how he was ever going to trick anyone into wearing it, however. Until one day, a notification came across his computer that the nanites were active, someone was wearing the shirt! He placed the headband from his computer onto his head and ZAP! He found himself in a new place, controlling the body of the shirt's wearer, which apparently was his older sister. She was looking for something to wear while doing laundry. Charlie could not pass up the opportunity to test his experiment out, so he finished by taking some laundry out of the dryer and changed, careful not to remove the shirt at all. He went outside, drove to the mall, even went to the bathroom! The nanites seemed to give him perfect control of his sister's body! After several hours, he decided to take the shirt off, but when he did so, there was a problem--he was still his sister! He tried to snap his old body out of it in his own room, but as he looked at the computer screen, he realized the problem--the nanites had embedded deep into his sister, forever trapping him in her body!

Wish upon a star

After his girlfriend cheated on him, Bill made a wish upon a star that she knew how he felt. He certainly never expected the wish to come true, and certainly not in the way it did! She knew how he felt alright because she was him, and he was now her!After examining himself in the mirror, he called his own cell number to hear his own voice answer. Both were releaved to hear their own voice, but Bill never fessed up about making the wish that caused his girlfriend to TRULY know EXACTLY what he felt (literally), nor did they ever find a way to switch back.

Test your strength

It was the weirdest carnival that Robert had ever been to. Inside of one of the tents, a gypsy used a crystal ball to swap his body with that of a young woman's. They were both told to return to the tent in two hours in order to swap back, as it would take time for the ball to recharge. Robert wasn't taking that chance. He grabbed the mallet from the "Test Your Strength" booth and headed back to the tent. He smashed the crystal ball, ensuring that he would keep the young woman's body forever.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special ops

It was a special ops mission in North Korea. Kim Jong-il was rumored to be working on a new top secret weapon, and John and his team were sent in to investigate and stop it. The nature of the weapon became quickly apparent upon landing outside of Pyongyang when a strange beam was fired at the men. John and the others expected instant death, but were surprised to find themselves waking up several hours later. The first part of the mission was complete, they discovered what the weapon did. It was apparently some sort of bodyswap ray, which had switched the bodies of the special ops men with a few hookers. Now the second part of the mission was to destroy it, even if that meant being stuck like this forever. It was a sacrifice that John was prepared to make as he picked up his gun.


Josh wished that he never told his girlfriend that she had an easier life than he did. She used some weird voodoo to swap her body with his, and now he returned home from her job each night, exhausted, and collapsed on the bed. Her job as a saleswoman at a department store put her on her feet all day long, and in three inch heels that wasn't easy! And for three days it had been Josh in those heels in her body! He wasn't sure he could take it any longer!


Tyler and Eric were two troubled kids who had gotten in trouble one too many times. They were enrolled in a special program to set them straight. They were going to trade lives with two straight A goodie-two shoes students in hopes that the experience would rub off on them. The boys couldn't be more upset that they were going to be trapped in the bodies of some nerdy Star Trek geeks or something--they weren't even allowed to see who they were going to be until they swapped. They were shocked when the bodyswap was over and they ended up as girls! No one had told them they'd be girls! Apparently, the only volunteers for the experiment were two sisters looking to escape their overbearing asian parents. After two weeks, Tyler and Eric were still getting into trouble. However, compared to bringing guns to school and selling drugs, their new mischief of spray painting graffiti seemed almost cute and harmless in comparison. Maybe the experiment did have a good influence on the boys-turned-girls.