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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bodyswapping orb (Part 10)

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Kyle and Mike had used the bodyswapping orb more times than either of them could count now. It never seemed to get old for Mike, but Kyle just couldn't stand to swap anymore. However, it seemed even if Mike ventured out to the orb alone, Kyle would swap as well. Fed up with this, Kyle devised a plan. He let a third friend of theirs in on the adventures. It took some convincing, but Pat eventually believed that the sexy blonde was his good friend Kyle. From there it wasn't hard for him to accept the possibility of a bodyswapping orb. Pat took the walk through the woods with Kyle and Mike to the orb. Kyle hoped that Pat's presense with them would disrupt the connection that would cause him to swap whenever Mike used the orb. He considered the possibility that Pat would replace him, that he'd be forcing his friend to suffer an eternity of swapping, but if it could get him out of it, it was worth betraying a friend.

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