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Friday, March 12, 2010

Gathering (Part 1)

With almost everyone in the world now in a new body thanks to the Great Shift and many of these people now with wardrobes that no longer fit their new form, many across the nation and across the world set up make-shift clothing swaps and thrift stores to deal with the massive need. One such event in Portland brought in several thousands of people. Men in women's bodies; women in men's bodies; children in the bodies of adults; all sorts of types were there not just for the clothes, but for the social elements, to speak with others finding themselves in similar situations.

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  1. hello i was just stopping to tell you that i love our work always realy dose it for me i look at your site about three times a day and you really are great i was just wondering if i could request something? is there anyway you could make a few more caps for the period label no pressure just a request from a long time follower first time poster