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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring break (Part 1)

Karen was a little pissed off that her parents had insisted she come home from college for spring break this year. She'd have to spend a week at home with her overprotective mom, her eccentic dad, and annoying brother, Aaron. He was only a year younger than her, but he was just overly curious and got into everything. He had talked her into coming down to the basement as he fiddled with one of their father's wacky inventions. Neither could have suspected that that the machine would swap thier brains! Aaron couldn't figure out a way to activate the machine again before their parents returned home. Their mom could instantly see that something was wrong, and their dad figured it was because of his invention. The parents deviced an interesting punishment. They would spend the rest of the break in each other's bodies, plus chores. Karen had to mow the lawn, and Aaron was made to clean the garage.

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