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Monday, March 29, 2010


Zach couldn't believe they were going to tear down the arcade where he had gone on his first date ever. He had taken his first girlfriend Michelle there back in the 80s when they were both just teenagers. They played the games; they even both had their first kiss. A fortune teller at a nearby sideshow told them that the two were destined to be close forever. Michelle told Zach that she was sure of it, but then broke up with him the next day. Zach could never figure out why, despite pressuring her to tell him why. As he whisked his fingers over the dusty machines, one jolted him, and before long the arcade sprang back to life. It was just like the 80s again! But as Zach looked down it didn't just seem like the 80s, it WAS the 80s, and he somehow had Michelle's body! It was weird seeing his own body take his hand and bring him to the fortune teller, which once again told them they were destined to be close forever. Zach looked into his own eyes, now truly knowing what that statement meant, but he also knew what would happen next. It'd just be too weird to date himself!

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