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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Copy + Paste (Part 10)

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Matt knew his next move had to be big. He did a quick snap and Freddy was surprised that nothing happened to him, but then he heard another click and another and another. Matt used his magic camera to create more people with magic cameras, and now they were all going off at once, transforming each and every thing one click at a time. The floor now looked a bit more worn down, and Freddy's stomach was reeling from the multiple successive changes he was going through. He heard a click, and he looked over to see Matt disappear. Another click and his own camera was now turned into a little purse. The cameras finally let up, and the final click transformed into a sexy dark haired woman in a blue dress. Now he not only had the problem of trying to find where the mischievious Matt had run off to, but he also had to figure out a way to deal with all these new trigger happy photographers. Not only that, but without a camera of his own, he couldn't think of an easy way to solve this mess...

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