Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring break (Part 2)

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Aaron couldn't believe it. He not only swapped bodies with his sister after an accident with one of their father's inventions, but as punsihment he'd have to be her for the entire week! Plus, he had to clean the garage! His sister in his body got off easy; she only had to mow the lawn. She was done in like ten minutes; he had barely made a dent in cleaning, and was just starting to throw out stuff in their old refrigerator. Things got worse when he saw his sexy twenty-five year old neighbor, Kelli, approach. If he still had his male body, he'd have a major hard-on just from seeing her. Kelli asked, "Like, hi, Karen. Is Aaron home?"

Aaron nearly flipped. Not only was the hottest woman he had ever seen standing before him, she was asking to see HIM, and he wasn't even himself to be able to enjoy it! After only a moment of thinking, he spilled the truth, "I may look like Karen, but I'm actually Aaron. My dad invented this weird bodyswapping machine, and, well, we were its first victims."

Kelli looked at Aaron like he was crazy. "First victims, maybe," she stated, "But not it's only victims. Dude, it's me. Mikey."

Aaron's jaw nearly dropped. Mikey was his best friend, but he lived clear across town. If Mikey had swapped with Kelli, the effects of his dad's invention certainly wasn't just localized to the basement. He wondered how far the effects of this machine had gone...

Foot long hot dog

Damien used to brag about his extra long member all the time back when he was a guy, but then in one of the strangest fits of penis envy he had ever seen, his sister figured out some way to steal his body from him, leaving him trapped in hers! Thoguh he used to see one every day by just looking in the mirror when naked, now the only time Damien sees a twelve inch long wiener is when he's chowing down on a foot-long hot dog.


For the past week Jim had been trapped inside the body of the fat, disgusting cab driver. He was desperate to get out when the perfect victim to bodyswap with got into the taxi. She was a cute asian woman drunk out of her mind. He had just assumed she was going home, so after wishing her a nice day after arriving at the location, and initiating a swap, he was a little surprised to find out that she was simply clubhopping to another bar. He nearly feel over from being tipsy, and had to grab the cab's door for support. He stumbled into the club, looking for some guy to go home with; after all, he didn't know this girl's address. He was a little too drunk to even think about simply checking her purse for ID.

Friday, April 2, 2010

"Lost" (Part 4)

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After learning that his wife stole his body on purpose, Carl felt he had to leave her. He quit his job as a forklift driver and found work as a truck driver. He made the decision that whereever his first long-distance delivery brought him, that would be his new home. He was looking forward to get behind the rig and take that trip. Sure, he'd not only be leaving his old life behind and his old body, but he just couldn't stand to look at her face knowing what she did to him, even if it was actually HIS face that he was looking at...

Super Sunday (Part 2)

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Despite the best efforts of Caroline and Pam, their husbands were still obsessed with football. The two wives tried to keep their husbands stuck in the bodies for weeks on end, but Chris and Rick seemed to enjoy the sport more than ever. The women would eventually give up trying to change their husband's minds, but when they tried to get the men's bodies back to normal, they seemed to be unable to do so...leaving the men stuck in two very sexy female bodies.

The origin of the Magic Taxi

Despite all the stories of the Magic Taxi, the question remained: who was first? Ralph Cranston picked up a fare one day, an old lady with a surley disposition. She bitched and moaned the entire ride before yelling at the end that Ralph overcharged her. She claimed she would curse the cabbie, but he just laughed it off before driving away to pick up his next ride. She looked like a sweet enough woman, young with red hair. She was timid when Ralph tried to strike up a conversation. He certainly didn't expect to swap bodies with her after the trip Ralph didn't know much about being a woman--he was a confirmed bachelor for life--but he knew what he liked. He bought himself a leather jacket and high heeled boots. The first time he popped a cigarette in his mouth he coughed; this girl apparently didn't smoke. He had loved driving a taxi, so he took the licensing test and got a new gig driving a cab. The woman's friends were a little shocked at the changes in her. The college educated girl now driving a cab for a living. It was all too weird. Ralph didn't really care; he liked his new life, but little did he know that his original cab would cause many more swaps in the years to come...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A good day (Part 4)

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Adam had found a key card in the woman's purse. She was staying at a hotel that he had finally managed to walk to. He was thankful when the card worked, and he was finally able to sit down and take off those damn shoes! He threw the leather jacket on the room's table, and then struggled with the strap on the first shoe before finally pulling it off and tossing it on the couch. He rubbed his foot. At least now he was sitting down. But that's when he realized that the room this woman was staying in was huge!


Malcolm was a scientistic whose inventions over the years had made him quite rich. He had a large house, lots of cash, and a model for a wife. One day he asked her to help him test his latest invention. He had a strange device on his head and a similar one in his hand, which he told her to put on. She was skeptical, but at least it matched her outfit. She adjusted it on her head when she felt weird. She wasn't controling her own body anymore, she was controling Malcolm's! And he was controling hers! It was like they had swapped bodies but Malcolm explained that the device was more like a transmitter--though the effect is the same. Malcolm's next step was to design a version that would be less obvious...


It was a page straight out of science-fiction stories. Chad had broken down outside of a creepy mansion, and he was looking to use the phone. He rang the buzzer on the gate, and a creepy old man said that he'd send his assistant out. The hottest woman he had ever seen came out with a very stiff demeanor. She introduced herself as "Igor" and brought Chad up the walk to the mansion. Inside, he was introduced to the old man, who explained he was a scientist. As the man tried to explain his work, Chad just kept trying to ask about using the phone. The man continued, talking about his latest experiment that swapped Igor's body with the last visitor to the house, a young woman named Kate. He had enjoyed Igor's new look, but he no longer had the physical strength to help the man with his work. The next thing Chad knew, he was hit on the head, knocked out. When he awoke the old man had apparently struck again. Chad was now in Kate's body, and Igor had taken over Chad's strong manly body.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Charlie could only laugh at his predicament, because if he didn't laugh, he'd surely be crying. When the Great Shift hit and he suddenly found himself in a woman's body, he could just barely stand in the high heel boots he was wearing. After managing to find a place to catch himself and sit down, he screamed out asking for any other shoes he could wear. He got a few offers, but he laughed at the selection available, as none seemed to be much better than what he was wearing.

The light (Part 4)

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Oliver quickly ducked backstage again, not wanting to experience whatever chaos would ensue out front. He wanted to get out of the wild fashions they had dressed him up in, but he didn't know where this model's clothes were. Despite the fact that everyone had swapped bodies backstage, he was surprised by how friendly and efficeint they all were. Someone handed him a pile of clothes and pointed him to a private area to change. The clothes were still a little more crazy and certainly more fashionable than what he was used to, but it was wearable.

My house

John had been enjoying an evening at home alone when the world went white for a moment. All of a sudden, a woman jumped on top of him, "Who are you? What are you doing in my house?"

John reached around and found a knife, "Who am I? Who are you? This is MY house! Get out!"

In the heat of the argument, neither John nor Evan realized that neither were in their own house, or even their own bodies! The Great Shift had caused them to swap bodies with two women wholived together. Luckily, after exchanging words, the two figured out their situation before either hurt the other.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Line of credit

Even though Julio had worked for a janitor at YOBSCorp for twenty years, he was never sure what they did. It's not that he even cared; he was just glad to get a paycheck each week. It covered his bills, and he was thankful. However, one day an accident at work caused him to swap bodies with one of the companies executives, Ellen Barker. It appeared that body swaps WERE the company's business, and Julio and Ellen ended up caught in the middle of new experiment meant to improve on swapping technology. Julio was very uncomfortable inside Ellen's body for the first few days. That was, until he discovered he not only had Ellen's body, but also her line of credit. The latest technology, the hottest cars, and so much more, Julio was starting to enjoy his new body, at least in terms of its purchasing power...he could really do without the dresses and heels.

Different (Part 1)

After being hit by a blast of white light, Carl was knocked him down. As he lifted himself off the ground, he felt different. He tried to get to his feet but noticed his shoes were strange. They weren't his own--in fact, this entire body wasn't his! This would explain why he felt so off-balance and weird! This wasn't his body--it was a woman's!

Spring break (Part 1)

Karen was a little pissed off that her parents had insisted she come home from college for spring break this year. She'd have to spend a week at home with her overprotective mom, her eccentic dad, and annoying brother, Aaron. He was only a year younger than her, but he was just overly curious and got into everything. He had talked her into coming down to the basement as he fiddled with one of their father's wacky inventions. Neither could have suspected that that the machine would swap thier brains! Aaron couldn't figure out a way to activate the machine again before their parents returned home. Their mom could instantly see that something was wrong, and their dad figured it was because of his invention. The parents deviced an interesting punishment. They would spend the rest of the break in each other's bodies, plus chores. Karen had to mow the lawn, and Aaron was made to clean the garage.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Long weekend (Part 2)

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Bill couldn't believe it! He had spent the entire long weekend in his daughter's body, but they had yet to swap back. Now it was Monday, and he was going to have to go to school in her body! Both were getting ready to tell someone about the swap, because they were starting to think that it wouldn't just reverse on its own like they had hoped.


Zach couldn't believe they were going to tear down the arcade where he had gone on his first date ever. He had taken his first girlfriend Michelle there back in the 80s when they were both just teenagers. They played the games; they even both had their first kiss. A fortune teller at a nearby sideshow told them that the two were destined to be close forever. Michelle told Zach that she was sure of it, but then broke up with him the next day. Zach could never figure out why, despite pressuring her to tell him why. As he whisked his fingers over the dusty machines, one jolted him, and before long the arcade sprang back to life. It was just like the 80s again! But as Zach looked down it didn't just seem like the 80s, it WAS the 80s, and he somehow had Michelle's body! It was weird seeing his own body take his hand and bring him to the fortune teller, which once again told them they were destined to be close forever. Zach looked into his own eyes, now truly knowing what that statement meant, but he also knew what would happen next. It'd just be too weird to date himself!

Bright spot

After an accident in his first period chemistry class, Sebastian was feeling pretty depressed. It had caused him to swap bodies with Kristen Jennings. He had waited the feeling of walking around the halls in her body, having her boyfriend tounge kiss him after second period, but then fourth period happened. Kristen had gym, and Sebastian was not looking foward to it. The thought of running or jumping with breasts on his chest was not something he was looking forward to. But as he took off Kristen's jacket and entered the locker room, he could see a bright side to this whole bodyswapping thing. He got to see women in there at various stages of undress. It was the one bright spot so far in this otherwise bleak bodyswapping experience.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying to flaunt it!

Chad looked at the rack of shoes and was disappointed. This had been the third shoe store that he had been in since the Great Shift swapped him into his older sister's body, and all the women's shoes were boring! His sister had always been a bit of a tomboy, so she owned no high heels. It appeared store after store had been sold out of sexy women's shoes as well! He couldn't have been more excited about the possibilities. Here he was stuck in the body of a woman, and he couldn't find high heels, sexy boots, or anything to flaunt his new femininity!

Brainwaves (Part 6)

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Benny had to admit that his wedding day was the best day of his life; not just since he had swapped into Darcie's body but forever! He couldn't believe how happy he was, but it soon got better. Sitting he the back row, he saw a familiar face--his own. Darcie must've faked her own death or something. Maybe to start anew for herself or maybe to trick him. Benny thought about approaching her to say something, but he just put his hands on his hips and smiled. Somehow he knew that Darcie was now happy too.


"I'll do it, Misty," warned Vince while leaning out the balcony, "Give me back my body or I'll jump. I know you don't want to see your pretty face splattered on the sidewalk even if it isn't yours anymore."

"You don't have the guts," responded Misty from Vince's body. "That's why I stole your body, because we were the weakest, lamest man that I have ever met. You should've been born a woman, and with my body now you are. I'm the man now; strong mentally and physically. And you're the woman, weak in every way."

"I'm not as weak as you think I am."

"Then let's see you jump."