Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crazy woman

Bill had been trying to flag a car down for an hour before the Jeep finally stopped. He told the driver how thankful he was for stopping and then started to explain his story. Bill realized how unbelievable his tale sounded as he spoke. Talk of magic and swapping bodies just wasn’t something you hear about everyday -- or any day for that matter! He probably seemed like some sort of crazy man -- or, more accurately, some sort of crazy woman!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Could've sworn (Part 1)

TG Marital Swap Altered Fates
“I could’ve sworn I put the medallion on the shelf in this closet!” Jake exclaimed while frantically searching.

“Well, it’s NOT in there!” Janice steamed.

“Maybe you should help me look! You’re the tall one right now, after all. If we don’t find that medallion, you and I are going to be stuck in each other’s bodies for good. We need to think carefully. You didn’t touch it after I put it up here, did you?”

“Of course not!”

“You don’t suppose the kids had anything to do with you?”

Adjusting well

“I think I’m adjusting to life after the Great Shift pretty well, you know?” Donald told his friend Curtis, “It’s been two weeks, and so far I’ve been dealing with this whole being-a-woman-now thing pretty well.”

“Me too.” Curtis replied, “Have you run into your old body yet? I haven’t”

“I did just yesterday. It was weird, because he only spoke Spanish. He also looked pretty confused about why I was talking to him. What I’m really interested about is speaking with the Asian woman who used to have this body. I’m just sort of curious to talk to her, but I haven’t run into her yet -- or she hasn’t tried to contact me.”

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My New Life Switching Bodies

A while back I had a blog called "My New Life as a Woman." I've decided to slightly twist the concept with a new blog called "My New Life Switching Bodies". Here is the first post:

It started happening two days ago. I woke up in the morning and realized I was in a strange room. It didn't take long for me to realize the body I was inside was no longer my own. I looked in the mirror to see an unfamiliar face. The person looking back looked like a dude my age. He was in his late 20s or maybe early thirties with an average build. The biggest difference was that he had facial hair while I did not. Switching bodies was quite unexpected, but I kept telling myself it was a dream that I would soon wake up from. Except the next day, it happened again. I went to bed and woke up in an entirely new body. The biggest difference this time was that I was in a body that was a little fatter and maybe a little bit older. I still told myself that it wasn't real, that I must be dreaming. But this morning, it happened again, and this time my body was quite different than my original:

Waking up as a woman was something I was not prepared for. Your movements feel different with breasts hanging from your chest. Peeing is a new experience as well. It was certainly different enough for me to finally realize that this wasn't my imagination anymore, and I'm going to start logging the experiences on the internet in hopes of recording my swaps as best as possible and to try and keep my sanity and a sense of identity. So this is who I am today. Something tells me it's going to be a fun day

Aftershocks (Part 1)

TG Caption Great Shift Aftershocks
Thomas took a deep breath before opening up his laptop to type the first entry in his new blog.

“When the Great Shift hit, I thought I was one of the lucky ones.” He wrote, “I hadn’t been shifted; it was short-sighted. For the next year, I was quite arrogant about the fact that I still had my original body. But that all changed in an instant about two weeks ago. I imagine the experience was much like the rest of the world had the year prior: a period of extreme disorientation before finding myself in a new body. I swapped with a
business woman of Asian decent who hadn’t been swapped in the original Shift either. It took a while for us to convince anyone to believe our story. Surprisingly, considering the entire world had swapped bodies not long ago. But there were soon other people reporting the same thing. Leading scientists couldn’t ignore it any longer and dubbed such swaps like mine as ‘Aftershocks’ from the Great Shift. These aftershocks happen in small pockets of two to twelve people -- at least, twelve is the largest so far. They seem to happen more often to people who weren’t affected by the original Shift, though no one is completely immune. It also seems that once you have been hit by an aftershock, the more likely you are to be affected by a future aftershock; these tend to occur a few months apart. I plan to chronicle my experiences here. Currently, I am still in the body of the Asian business woman. She is 5’2”, 32 years old, and 110 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes; she is single. I will continue to update you on all my future aftershocks.”

My fault

“My fault?” Brad exclaimed to his girlfriend Julie, “How is any of this my fault? You were the one that found that medallion. You were the one that wanted to use it to switch bodies. You were the one holding on to it for safe keeping. And you were the one who lost it. So please tell me how you think that the fact that we are stuck in each other’s bodies is now in any way my fault?”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


TG Caption
Phillip was quite confident on his work with the new bovine growth hormone. Not only would it allow cows to produce three times the normal amount of milk, he was convinced it was safer than previous versios of BGH. But his exposure to the chemical soon had strange consequences. It started one Saturday when he realized that he was growing breasts. He was sure it could wait until he returned to work on Monday, but by nightfall, he had completely changed into a woman. He decided he’d head into the lab the next morning to try and fix the problem. He put on some of his wife’s clothes and made his way, but as he did, the final effect of the hormone took place -- he started to rapidly grow. Within fifteen minutes, he towered over most of the buildings in the city. This was now a big problem...literally!


Gary had never quite fit in with the other boys. Something about him was just different. During his teenage years, he was never as big as the other guys, didn’t grow any body hair, and was constantly made fun of for being “girlie.” During his college years, his acne got worse and his voice started cracking again. He had heard of late bloomers, but this was crazy! Still, he hoped these would lead to developing more masculine traits. Instead, just the opposite happened. In fact, over the course of the year, he developed breasts and his penis slowly introverted into a vagina. Readjusting to a new sex was no easy task, but he did his best! After going through it all, his mom sat him down. She had a confession. She had also been born a man and went through the same thing in her early twenties. She had been fully female ever since. It was a rare genetic condition, and she explained that Gary would probably pass it on to her children as well. It was a lot for Gary to absorb -- mainly the fact that he now had the ability to bear children!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wonderful person

TG Body Swap
“Honestly, Grandma, it’s me; it’s George! I know I don’t look like me right now, but that’s because of that little device I just gave you. It’s a bodyswapper! I used it to switch bodies with this woman, and you can use it too! You can be young again!”

“But wouldn’t I have to take someone else’s body? Something about that just doesn’t feel right, George...It’s so weird calling you that with that pretty young lady’s face looking back at me!”

“It’s okay, Grandma. You’re sick. There’s no cure. This is the only way to help you! You are such a wonderful person, and you deserve a longer life! There are so many scummy people out there; you could do something good with their lives!”

George’s grandma sighed, “You’re right, I am a good person. That’s why I can’t use this weird bodyswapping thing you brought me. I couldn’t begin to justify allowing someone else to die in my body, even the worst person in the world!”

New life (Part 4)

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A year after the Great Shift, Alex had the strangest encounter...with himself! Or, rather, it was with the person now in his body. The woman in his body had hated being male. She hated what the Shift had done to her. She drank heavily and had tried to commit suicide more than a few times. Alex finally realized how lucky he had it. He had tried to better his life since the Shift. He saw it as a new start, a new life, and a way to have new experiences. He had truly fared well.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sometimes comments are amazing...

This post on one of my archive sites got one of the most epic comments ever. I was sort of floored at how someone would break down a caption, interpret it, and dispute it so thoroughly.

Broke down (Part 1)

TG Body Swap
Luke couldn’t imagine the kind of trouble he’d be in when he finally got back. He was already running late when his car broke down. It wouldn’t be the biggest deal in the world except for the fact that he had cast a spell with his friend Gretta that swapped their bodies. If he didn’t get back within the hour, the body swap would be permanent. While he had enjoyed his day, and he certainly wouldn’t mind keeping her body forever, he knew she wouldn’t be so thrilled. He tried starting the car again to no avail, his cell phone had no bars, and no cars had passed by since the break down. He started walking down the road in hopes of finding someone -- though he hadn’t remember seeing anything as he passed. He felt a little silly doing so with what he was wearing; he had wished he brought a change of clothes on his trip to the beach!

The brain transplant (Part 3)

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Eric searched through the house. It was run down with holes in the walls and graffiti everywhere. There was no electricity and no phone. He sighed. He was miles away from anyone inside the body of a woman, and he had no way to contact the outside world. The situation sent chills up his back.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Improbable (Part 2)

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Jason decided he’d introduce himself to his double. He tried to smile as he headed over, but it was the act of walking that clued Jason in on what was really happening. Walking just felt weird -- from the shoes on his feet to the hair on his head. He looked down to see his new body, and he realized he wasn’t headed to see his double, but rather he was going to see the person he just switched bodies with! He decided that he should try to wipe the smile off his face; it could send the wrong impression!