Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gaining weight

Harvey had no objections to being swapped into a new body by the Great Shift -- mostly because he got a fantastic body out of the deal, but he never anticipated how much maintenance a beautiful female body would be. After a few months, he realized that he just couldn’t stop his new body from gaining weight. He tried exercising; he tried a diet; none of it seemed to work. Just how did skinny girls stay thin? How did this girl do it before? The answers eluded him as he looked at himself in the mirror a year later. The same outfit he had wore the day of the Shift now felt so much tighter on his fatter frame. He was still attractive, but he longed to have the same skinny body that he had right after the Shift had swapped him!

Friday, June 28, 2013


TG Body Swap
When Charlie saw his reflection, he shut his eyes and turned away. He didn’t want to believe the mirror. He hoped he was just dreaming, and that when he opened his eyes, he’d be back to being in his own body. He pressed his eyelids together tighter as a breeze blew up his dress. The cool air reminded him that he was certainly not dreaming. He had become this woman. Her body was his now.

Coffee time (Part 6)

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Chuck knew things could have been worse. He looked down at his legs. He knew he was attractive; in fact, he was gorgeous. He was also still young enough to shape this life in any way he chose. He found her college ID in her purse -- she was a sophomore majoring in fashion design. He could continue that, but it also wasn’t too late to change majors. This wasn’t going to be so bad, quite honestly. He should think of this as the start of something new, a chance for open opportunity. And so he started his new life.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best purchase ever

Altered Fates TG
It had to probably be the best purchase Sean ever made on ebay, and it was one that was completely accidental. He had bought a dress secretly on the site, hoping no one would ever find out he loved to crossdress, but in the box along with the dress there was an odd medallion. He soon discovered that he could wear the medallion and touch the dress to it and transform into the woman who had sold him the dress -- he recognized her face from the modeling shots from the product page. Soon he discovered he could change himself into anyone as long as he had a piece of their clothing. He certainly did not let this go to waste! Before long, he found he was transforming himself into some pretty gorgeous women. It wasn’t just his best ebay purchase, or even his best online purchase...this medallion was the best purchase he ever made!

On the beach (Part 1)

What the heck was going on? It was such a strange and sudden shift. One moment, Alex had been sitting in his office and the next he was on a beach. He also felt quite naked. He wasn’t, but he was quite shocked to be wearing a bikini -- and to have breasts! He soon started exploring his new body and discovered a mess of hair on top of his head as well! What was going on here?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Volleyball (Part 1)

TG Body Swap
Trevor wondered how he had gotten himself into this situation. It was probably his big mouth; it was always his big mouth. Saying the wrong thing to a witch on the beach got him trapped in her body while she was in his. He only made things worse as he continued to open his big mouth. Now they were playing volleyball with very high stakes. If he won, he’d get his body back. If he lost, he’d be stuck in her body for good. Right now, the score was tied. He needed two points to win, but two points against him and it’d be over. He took a deep breath as he prepared the serve.

The class

Dan had been working on his invention for five years. It was intended to be a method of revenge. But his life at school hadn’t been so bad lately, and the machine still lacked proper controls. With his eighteenth birthday behind him and high school graduation only a few days away, he never expected to be tormented so greatly. He came home in tears, digging through a few boxes in his basement to find it. He didn’t care that the device wasn’t complete, he just wanted his revenge. It would be an equalizer -- swapping the bodies of everyone in his class. He couldn’t control who would be who, but...

His thoughts drifted away as he was sucked away and placed in a new body. He looked in the mirror. Andrea Chow looked back. He actually had nothing against her. She was pretty, but she also was actually nice and kept to herself. The one thing he had never noticed before was how skinny she was! Well, now that he was in her body, he could fatten it up -- just a little! He was way more excited about seeing what bodies his other classmates ended up in. He hoped that the jocks who picked on him ended up in nerdy bodies. It would be fitting justice!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The case seemed fairly open and shut. They had found the woman next to the murdered body. The police asked for her story, and she told them that they wouldn’t believe her if she told them. They asked for her name, and she said the same thing, so they dubbed her Jane Doe. It wasn’t long before Jane was awaiting trial in prison. One night she reached through the bars and shook the woman in the cell next to her awake.

“They’d never believe me if I told them,” Jane said, “But I’ve got to tell someone. My real name is Fred Sanchez, and I’m innocent. I was home when I heard screams next door. I ran over and saw this woman over that dead body. Then she did something somehow and switched bodies with me. It was some weird voodoo shit. I knew the police would never believe me. Heck, even I don’t really believe me. I often wonder if I really am this woman, and I just couldn’t cope with the psychology of killing another person and invented a previous life for myself in my mind. But I remember my life as Fred so clearly that I’m sure I was him before all this. I’m sure of it. I’m sure I’m innocent.”


There was no shortage of chaos at the theatre when the Great Shift hit. Both audience members and actors found their bodies swapped. Screamed echoed from the stage to the balcony. Many rushed for the exits, others like Thom just stayed put. As the crowd dwindled, he stood up. He had trouble in the heels he now wore, so he took them off and walked around the theatre barefoot. He tried to think rationally about the whole thing. So far all he was able to determine was that he had switched bodies with a woman, and that everyone else had switched bodies with someone as well. It wasn’t a lot to go on, but he still saw no reason to panic.

Monday, June 24, 2013


TG Body Swap Great Shift
Jay didn’t quite know what to make of what was going on. He was in the back room of some place and in the body of a strange woman. He quickly started looking through the woman’s purse for some form of identification. He noticed the other woman in the room doing the same.

“Did it happen to you to?” Jay asked.

“Yeah, my name is Tom. Did you find anything.”

“Only a scrap of paper with an address, but I have no idea if it’s her address or someone else’s.”

The satchel (Part 2)

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Adam ran his fingers through his hair. The whole bodyswitching thing piqued his scientific mind. He was sure it had to be one of the lab’s experiments. He held back his giddiness; he was glad to finally be part of one of the tests. He hoped the woman in his body was equally excited, and judging from his what was around him, he knew she had to be nearby.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The gym (Part 2)

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There was a great deal of shock in the gym after the swap, but many continued exercising in shock, like they were on auto-pilot. Barney was among them. He had paused for a second, but he quickly got back to the weights the woman had been lifting. They weren’t very heavy. Things got sorted out slowly, but after a little while, Barney learned about the woman he swapped with. Her name was Tammi, and she was actually an employee of the gym.