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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Life

Martin never expected to be wearing a dress to his own wedding reception; he never expected to ever wear a dress, actually. Of course, he never expected a massive world wide body swapping moments before he said “I do.” The event would later be come to be known as “The Great Shift,” but at the time it happened, Martin called it “suddenly being stuck in body of one of my wife’s bridesmaids.” Martin’s wife was swapped too; she was now in the body of the minister performing the ceremony. Sure enough, just about everyone in the hall was now someone else. It was chaos figuring out who was who, but after gathering the essential people to finish the ceremony, a quick demand to follow the seating chart helped figure out the rest quickly. When Martin talked in his vows about starting a new life with his bride, he certainly never expected anything like this literal!

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