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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sick of It (Part 2)

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It took quite a while before Joel even began to suspect anything was amiss. He heard several cat calls in his direction and just figured they were directed toward someone else. He was hit on by a guy, but he just figured the dude was gay. It wasn’t until he went into a bathroom some time later when he reached his hand into the tight leather shorts and discovered he was missing something very important to him. Then it all started to fall into place. He noticed his new body and his new clothes. He began to trace back his steps to the bus stop and he knew somehow that this is where it happened. And strangely, something told him who was responsible as well. He didn’t know her name, but he knew she’d be waiting there tomorrow, just like every day. But could he survive in this body for a day? For all he knew, he had no identity; he didn’t even know if he had a change of clothes. Maybe the purse he held contained some answers? He was doing all he could to stay composed and not panic.

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