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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Summer Job (Part 5)

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After a few more minutes, Eric still couldn’t bring himself to look at his former body, but he could hear the cries. He couldn’t bear it any longer and left. He felt bad about the smug smile on his face after what he just did, but he couldn’t help it. He actually felt quite accomplished. He had pulled off a difficult task, and he was proud. Not to mention the fact that this body was now going to be his for the rest of his life. It was a lot to smile about!


  1. GReat! wzrewmwly wwell written just the right touch - for example being too ashame to look aat the poor girl trapped in his lousy old body, but smiling smuggly not only brcasue he now has her wonderful body but that he won, he bear an almost unbeatable season. I hoe there is more to come. for example I assume he has some money in secret accounts. I wondeer also if he for appeerences sake staarts living her life for awhile.