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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Summer Job (Part 4)

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It had been two weeks of solid work and lots of bribes. Eric was pretty sure it had worked so far -- after all, he hadn’t found himself suddenly back in his own body. But there was still the moment of truth. According to the contract, he had to show up at the same place at the exact same time two weeks later, wearing the same clothes Yumi had worn. If he didn’t do it, someone would know something was up. His original body was practically in tears; he had to turn away. Then he felt his soul move out of his body; however, instead of returning to his original form, his soul settled right back into Yumi’s body. He began to smile, but he refused to look at his own body. He couldn’t. He knew she’d be devastated. But her dismay was worth his joy. He had her wonderful and fantastic body. As far as the people that swapped him were concerned, they had switched back. This body was all his now.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks! Great horror story!! Is this the end of the sries? Or isd there ore to comde. I wonder if for awhile he lives her life pretending to be her swapped back? She certainly protests, but of course is notbelieved aking it even worse if he smilingly pretends to be her.